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文章主題 :  Skin_iGO_Nextgen_by_pongo+ux_plugins_2019.11.01

不囉嗦.. 想玩的可以試試!7FxgxAIQ!cp4XCPJT7dUq ... VmIZyZjnYg

The description is very long, but I left it as it is presented. For ease of use, I translate by machine, I have corrected something here (skin), but errors can occur. =

Skin has many settings for every taste:

    - Three screen themes: bright, colorful, dark
    - possibility to select the number of buttons in the cab vertically 4-5-6-7, the size of the buttons depends on their number - the more buttons, the smaller the size:
    - possibility to select different button options
    - other settings in the "Split Screen POI" such as auto-rotate, standard window or pan
    - additional data output to the cockpit
    - Advanced auto scan settings - In addition, automatic viewing can be turned on / off by long tapping the "Zoom" button
    - advanced route design (Waypoint / Destination)
    - Advanced vehicle selection settings
    - "Report incidents on route"
    - TMC country tags added: _GBR, _GRE, _IRL, _POL
    - "Split Screen (POI page)
    - DA tags added for countries: _GBR, _GRE, _IRL, _POL, tags are announced by TTS or live voice, it is possible, by TTS, tags can be announced by live voice, so it is necessary in / iGO_Israel / ui_nextgen / audio / DA1049 (dictionary .lang: DA1049 = "Russian voice") to place WAV voice files, voice method is selected in appearance settings:
    - Added another "Accept" button in the "map_messagebox" detour:
    - Enhanced choice of toll roads for route calculation:
    - For proper function of the button "Show sending GPS in cockpit" is necessary another program "GPS to SMS - Location sharing":
    - plugin ux is designed for WIN CE Igo Nextgen navigation, works only in horizontal orientation;
    - advanced selection "Route planning method"
    - "Invisible buttons (Zoom, Edit route)":
    - other system functions:
    - 'Child warnings'; for non-TTS users, two audio files are required to warn:
    - For proper function of the button "Show coordinates in cockpit" is necessary another program "Send to navigation":
    - additional ux plugins by Alain57, arimi, garigor, Kobera71, Neoss75, vicewandel are added to the set
    To install the skin:
    - iGO_Israel is the Nextgen version folder (iGO_Avic, iGO_Basar, iGO_Israel ...);
    - Be sure to remove (or rename) your old ux folder from sdcard / iGO_Israel / ux;
    - writing a new folder ux from the archive;
    - if there is a need for even more functions - take the necessary plugins from the ux_additionally folder;
    - be careful, plugins from previous skin versions and any foreign plug-ins may conflict with the current skin version and severely disrupt navigation.

    For full functionality of TTS in Voice_TTS _........_ in the dictionary file.voice should be entered:

Visual warning only= " "
The speed limit is!= " "
Temperature at %s: %s. %s. Direction %s. %s.=""
The nearest town %s=" "
Dirt road=" "
Border cross=" "
Highway=" "
Toll booth=" "
Tunnel=" "
Tunnel length %s=" "
Truck restrictions=" "
Rail ferry=" "
Ferry=" "
Restricted road=" "
Four WD=" "
Car pool=" "
are not around=" "
"Today %s : %s"=" "
Environmental zones are possible=" "
Environmental zones not possible=" "
Visual warning only=" "

In order to avoid duplicating the speed warning (in zones other than cameras), we will make a correction in the Voice_TTS _........_ in info.ini:
; overspeed = "š Vir gre gre gre gre"
overspeed = ""
- or add to sys.txt
overspeedlimit = 0

Cams (speedcam) are announced by TTS or live voice, to do this you need to insert / iGO_Israel / ui_nextgen / audio / SC1049 (Dictionary.lang: SC1049 = "Russian voice") WAV voice files, while no sys.txt is needed records, the voice notification method is selected in the skin settings:
     - auto rad feature - hidden radar on map and speedcam tuning feature. Everything works automatically when navigation is on, there are no camera settings, and the cameras themselves are not shown on the map, but when the camera is traveling, it is displayed and expressed as before, the 10 km / h threshold can be changed separately by writing to sys.txt :
detect = 10

The camera settings are activated in the drag mode by long pressing the bottom right button "Save favorites":
     You can turn off auto rad by writing to sys.txt
disabled = 1

Installing the skin
    - iGO_Israel is the Nextgen version folder (iGO_Avic, iGO_Basar, iGO_Israel ...);

IGO_world 語音辨識可用 天氣失效
IGO_Pal 語音辨識失效 天氣可用

用法 檔案解開
1. content\ 內加入 地圖 語言 語音....
2. ux\ 內加入
3. ui_nextgen\fonts 內加入 字型檔
4. 修改 sys.txt

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