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安卓版 iGO語言包1010國慶版翻譯
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發表人: [ 2019-10-13, 09:25 ]
文章主題 :  安卓版 iGO語言包1010國慶版翻譯

這語言包是依照 iGO_World_9.18.27.736653~~可以99%繁體中文化

Hide The Note 'on/off'="按鈕註解"
show one diricon="顯示一個目錄"
Show next street before maneuver:="提前顯示下一街道"
Show current street before maneuver:="行駛前顯示目前街道"
Hide the Side List if speed is higher than:="超過下面速度,隱藏邊欄圖示"
Show Time and GPS when hidden the Side List="隱藏邊欄只顯示時間.GPS"
Background transparency="背景透明度"
Show traffic button in Cockpit="交通路況按鈕"
Show Environmental Button in Cockpit="環保按鈕"
Show Street Search in Cockpit="街道查詢"
Show Regional Settings in Cockpit="顯示國家"
Show POI around in Cockpit="周邊景點"
Show POI around in settings="景點設定"
Chane categories list="景點類別"
POI around category="周邊景點類別"
Show activity time="顯示時間"
Around area size="景點範圍"
Maximum result="最多"
Show Parking in Cockpit="附近停車場"
Show Truck Parking in Cockpit="卡車停車場"
POI Parking settings="停車場設定"
Show Parking="顯示方式"
Show activity time="顯示時間"
Route deviaiton="路線距離"
Around area size="周邊距離"
Show New Route Quick in Cockpit="新增路線"
Show Multipoint Route in Cockpit="新路線…"
Show Motorways Button in Cockpit="避走高速公路"
Show GPS Power in Cockpit="小胖熊論壇"
Show Favorites in Cockpit="儲存最愛"
Show Coordinates in Cockpit="顯示坐標"
Show altroute in Cockpit="替代道路"
Distance when destination or next waypoint button appears="下一個目的的距離"
Show one diricon="顯示一個目錄"
Action on arrival at destination="到達目的設定"
Reached Your Destination="到達目的設定"
Delete Route and Turn Off="刪除路線並關閉"
Show in Cockpit="導航顯示"
Map provider logo="顯示地圖廠商"
Compass Postiton="指南針設定"
Stop Prohibited Camera="測速相機停用"
Map 2D and 2DN zoom control="2D及2DN縮放"
Distance when Turn by Turn mode on:="開啟轉彎模式時的距離"
Load, unload plugins="載入.移除插件
if exceeding speed limit="如果超過速度限制"
Blinking if overspeed="超速閃爍"
Only audio="僅音效"
Announce speed unit="通告速度"
Choose sound overspeed="超速聲音"
Choose sound end of overspeed="過超速區"
Show speed limit percent="速度限制百分比"
Speed Increasing="速度設定"
Read Out Speed Increasing="讀出限速"
Read Out Speed Unit Increasing="讀出限速單位"
Speed Tolerance="限速設定"
Choose Sound approaching beep="接近提示聲音"
Speedcam Test="聲音測試"
Say camera speed limit="提示測速相機距離"
Say camera speed unit="提示測速限速"
Say distance to camera="提示相機距離"
Time to Driver Alerts="提醒警報"
Read Road Signs="讀出路標"
Say distance or phrase 'soon'="快速說出"
Say 'soon'="很快"
Event Warning Sound and Voice="警告聲音及音效"
Route warnings settings="路線警告設定"
Long Tunnel="長隧道"
Show traffic button in QuickMenu="抵達後選單"
Show Environmental Button in QuickMenu="環保按鈕"
Show Street Search in QuickMenu="街道搜尋"
Show Regional Settings in QuickMenu="區域設定"
Show POI around in QuickMenu="顯示景點"
Show Parking in QuickMenu="顯示停車場"
Show Truck Parking in QuickMenu="顯示卡車停車場"
Show New Route Quick in QuickMenu="顯示新路線"
Show Multipoint Route in QuickMenu="顯示多點路線"
Show Motorways Button in QuickMenu="顯示避開高速公路"
Show GPS Power in QuickMenu="顯示小胖熊論壇"
Show Favorites in QuickMenu="顯示我的最愛"
Show Coordinates in QuickMenu="顯示座標"
Show altroute in QuickMenu="顯示替代路線"
On Arrival at Destination="到達目的"
Compass Position="指南針"
Read out search results="讀出搜尋結果"
Full name="全名"
Just name="僅道路"
Street's name's="道路名稱"
Read Out 'Nearest Town' Message="離最近的鄉鎮"
Read Out 'Next crossing road/street' Message without route="沒有路線時讀出 下一個相關訊息"
Read Out 'Next crossing road/street' Message with route="有路線時讀出 下一個相關訊息"
\fnOverview zoom in 2D: \fb%s="\fn2D設定 \fb%s"
\fnOverview zoom in 3D: \fb%s="\fn3D設定 \fb%s"
\fnOverview angle in 3D Portrait: \fb%s="\fn3D人像全景角度 \fb%s"
\fnOverview angle in 3D Landscape: \fb%s="\fn3D風景全景角度 \fb%s"
Overview Zoom and Tilt="放大和傾斜"
SPL POI display="興趣點顯示"
Map messagebox="地圖框上"
Tilt the map for 'VIEWPOINT: Close, Normal, Far'="地圖傾斜視角"
\fnDistance tilt the map: \fb%s="\fn地圖距離: \fb%s"
\fnTilt Landscape default: \fb%s="\fn景物: \fb%s"
Map angle dependence on speed="速度來控制視角"
Tilt the map for 'VIEWPOINT: Manual'="設定為手動"
Not available because of 'VIEWPOINT Manual'="無法手動設定視角"
Not available because on 'VIEWPOINT Manual'="無法使用請開啟設定視角"
\fnVertical cursor position: \fb%s="\fn車標位置: \fb%s"
\fnTilt Portrait default: \fb%s="人像傾斜: \fb%s"
\fnTilt Portrait offset: \fb%s="人像偏移: \fb%s"
Next Point Route="下一條路線"
External power connected.="已連接外部電源"
Download Delay="下載同步"
TTS Voice Weather Button="語音按鈕"
Weather Icon SVG="向量圖示"
Weather (Neoss75)="細部設定"
Weather at the destination / waypoint="目的或路線的天氣"
Start Weather Service="氣象服務"
Show Average Speed from Point to Point Alert="顯示點對點警報的平均速度"
Say Average Speed from Point to Point Alert="說出點對點警報的平均速度"
Use approaching beep from Point to Point Alert="從點到點警報提醒聲"
The search is carried out around this town. Enter e.g. MUN, or GER MUN for Munich, Germany.="輸入縣市"
Invert 'Enable'. Long Click - 'Reset'="開啟或關閉"
Invert 'Visual'. Long Click - 'Reset'="開啟或關閉"
Zoom the map 2D="2D地圖縮放"
\fnMax zoom2d: \fb%s="\fn最大縮放: \fb%s"
\fnDefault zoom2d: \fb%s="\fn默認縮放: \fb%s"
\fnMin zoom2d: \fb%s="\fn最小縮放: \fb%s"
Zoom the map 3D="3D地圖縮放"
\fnMax zoom3d: \fb%s="\fn最大縮放: \fb%s"
\fnDefault zoom3d: \fb%s="\fn默認縮放: \fb%s"
\fnMin zoom3d: \fb%s="\fn最小縮放: \fb%s"
Hospital, Ambulance="醫院"
Weight Control="過磅區"
Poor Road="崎嶇道路"
Sample tip for VR firt start!="請參照VR語音的提示!"
Now program need to restart.="重新啟動軟體"
Border crossing warning settings="邊境警告設定"
Crossing border warning="越境提醒"
Sound and voice event alert="聲音和語音事件提醒"
Choose sound and voice event alert="選擇聲音和語音"
Read event alert="讀取訊息"
Carpool lane warning settings="共乘車道設定"
Carpool lane warning="共乘車道提醒"
Dirt road warning settings="土路設定"
Dirt road warning="土路提醒"
Ferry warning settings="渡輪設定"
Ferry Warning="渡輪提醒"
Four WD warning settings="四驅設定"
Four WD warning="四驅提醒"
Highway warning settings="高速公路設定"
Highway warning="高速公路提醒"
Rail Ferry warning settings="鐵運渡輪設定"
Rail Ferry Warning="鐵運渡輪提醒"
Restricted road warning settings="道路管制設定"
Restricted road Warning="道路管制提醒"
Restricted Road Warning="道路管制提醒"
Truck warning settings="卡車設定"
Truck Warning="卡車提醒"
Off turn restriction if speed is higher than:="速度超過以下,禁止轉彎"
Laneinfo Size="車道訊息大小"
Voice language="語音語言"
There is no result for your search. Please try again!="搜尋不到,請再說一次!"
Town, postcode, ...="城市或郵遞區號"

"Now visible: "="目前數: "

Maneuver 2D-overview="叉路口提醒"
Maneuver 2D-overview settings="叉路口提醒設定"
Maneuver 2D-overview Button in Cockpit="畫面顯示按鈕"
Time to pop up Maneuver 2D-overview="提醒時間"
Distance(NO-LESS) for Maneuver 2D-overview="叉路口提醒最小距離"
Zoom for Maneuver 2D-overview="畫面縮放"
Maneuver 2D-preview="預覽設定"
Maneuver 2D-prerview Display Time-out="預覽時間限制"
Zoom for Maneuver 2D-preview="預覽縮放"
Sound for Maneuver 2D-overview="叉路口語音提醒"
Sound and Voice for Maneuver 2D-overview="叉路口語音選擇"


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